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Welcome to the Exeter Palestine Solidarity Campaign Website. Last updated: 17 January, 2010

Dear Mr Bradshaw

Enclosed is a petition to you which has been signed by more than 150 of your constituents (as well as hundreds of others). These signatures were collected on Saturday on the protest we held over the attacks on Lebanon and Gaza.

Please could you respond to the points on the petition, namely whether you will;
1.      Condemn the attacks by Israel on Gaza and Lebanon, which amount to collective punishment of an entire people.
2.      Publicly call on the British Government to cease arms sales to Israel. 
3.      Support the UN resolution for a ceasefire

The present position of the British Government seems to be that a “sustainable” ceasefire will only come onto being once Hizbollah have been eliminated. The attitude of the Government to Hizbollah and Hamas stands in stark contrast to the attitude that was adopted in Ireland; there of course it took negotiations with the IRA to bring peace.

Saturday was the 60th anniversary of the bombing of the King David Hotel (92 were killed) by the Stern Gang, many of whose leadership went on to form the political leadership of Israel. We seem to have a situation where we support a state that had its origins in terrorism and which now inflicts hundreds of civilian deaths in Lebanon and Gaza in the name of  “anti-terrorism”. And the British Government supports Israel in doing this. How is this justifiable?

I look forward to an early response.

Lizi Allnatt
For Exeter Stop The War Coalition and Exeter Palestine Solidarity Campaign