Exeter Palestine Solidarity Campaign


Welcome to the Exeter Palestine Solidarity Campaign Website. Last updated: 17 January, 2010

Exeter PSC, web/mail sub-group

The following is a list of objectives for managing our web site and e-mails

A certain level of PC literacy and time commitment as well as access to the internet (dial-up modem is fine, but broadband is better) will be necessary.  People managing these will also need to be fairly familiar with handling e-mail lists though this is not difficult to learn in a few hours.

  1. The sub-group should have 2-4 people who are responsible for maintaining the web site and e-mail as well as defining criteria (e.g. this document) for managing these.

  2. The function of updating the website and managing the e-mails is each conducted by one person.  If there are sufficient people in the sub-group, the task is transferred, on a rota basis, from one person to another each month or whatever period is agreed.

  3. The web site and e-mails will focus on local events/campaigns and major national ones which are in line with EPSC objectives and priorities.  If there is some doubt about what to put in/leave out, this should be resolved by at least 2 members from the sub-group and a simple majority if there is disagreement.  The E-PSC Core group can also be consulted where there is uncertainty.

  4. E-mails sent to the entire E-PSC supporters list should be kept to less than 8 per month, and ideally no more than 5.  These should be succinct and should include events/initiatives with short notice as well as reminder of, and information from, our monthly meetings.  Fuller information on events/etc. in an e-mail should be put on the web site.

  5. The address ‘postmaster@exeterpsc.org.uk’ will be registered to receive national PSC and one or two other e-mail sources, although the vast majority would end up referenced from our web site, some do need to be passed on quickly (within 24 hrs) to the full distribution.  Daily access to this EPSC e-mail will also be necessary as members may use this to communicate rather than personal addresses.

  6. Recipients on the full supporters list whose e-mails fail after two successive attempts will need to be removed from the list and re-tried after one month, no further attempt to contact is necessary after that.  A separate e-mail list will need to be maintained for this and for people who wish their names to be removed.

  7. All e-mail addresses are confidential and must not be passed on without prior agreement with the individual concerned. It is also very important that e-mails are always sent as ‘blind copy’.

  8. Events and campaigns on the web site will need to be removed within 48 hrs after they have passed.  Ideally, members should provide a few lines detailing how the event went.  This can be used to pass on to the national PSC publicity contact.  Web site information should be archived monthly so no information is lost.

  9. Updates/changes to the website can only be conducted by whoever is responsible for the website at that time.


  1. Hand-over of responsibility for both e-mail and web site needs to be notified and confirmed by e-mail to everyone in the sub-group.  This will also be the method of passing a notional ‘key’.

  1. Sub-group e-mail lists including the Core list can be open (i.e. visible) and are managed by the sub-group co-ordinator(s).  The purpose and content of these should also be decided by the sub-group co-ordinator(s).  However, the e-mails must not be passed on to any third party as in 7.