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Sponsored Walk in Wales, 30 June – 1 July 2007

PSC national office arranged a sponsored walk in Wales to raise funds for the development of a new campaign website and the production of campaign materials, such as educational fact-sheets covering issues related to Palestine and the Palestinians.  One person from Exeter went on the walk and gave this report:

“The walk was in the Abergavenny region of the Brecon Beacons in south Wales.  There were 46 people on the walk which entailed a huge amount of organisation as we stayed in different places and people needed to be ferried around in shared cars.  People came from all over the UK including Manchester, Brighton, London and Nottingham.  I stayed with 25 others in a very high class YHA Bunkhouse a long way up one of the mountains.  A lovely meal was provided on the Friday evening at Betty Hunter’s house.

On Saturday despite terrible weather we all went either on the “hard” walk (40km over 2 days) or the “easy” walk (25km); both walks were very challenging but enjoyable!  Due to having injured my back recently I chose the easier walk which was along the canal linking Newport and Brecon.  This is a beautiful, tree-lined wide canal, and we were joined by a Palestinian family with their enthusiastic children who coped very well.  We returned along part of the River Usk which was naturally in full spate, foaming over the rocks and at least twice the width of the River Exe.  The narrow, rocky, muddy path took quite an effort to negotiate and eventually disappeared at which point we saw a long rope hanging down the nearly vertical slope from the cliff top!   The braver ones tried to scramble up the slope, with much sliding backwards, falling rocks and generous layers of mud…but in the end everyone was forced to return to rejoin the canal path.

That evening we had a social event with more delicious Palestinian food in a hall in Abergavenny and the mayor and mayoress attended (and bought quite a selection of handicrafts).  We finished the evening with Dabka dancing which was fun; I found I was sufficiently revived by then to be able to join in. 

On Sunday there were again two walks, both up Skirrig mountain which is also called Holy Mountain.  My group displayed the Palestinian flag at the summit for photo opportunities.  On the way back down the ridge an incredibly strong wind made the going precarious but it was a very exhilarating walk, with sunshine, scented wild thyme on the grassy slopes and marvellous views in every direction.

The total amount raised was an absolutely wonderful £20,000!

Thanks to Jenny Najar who organised the walk for all her hard work and to Betty Hunter and everyone else who helped, not forgetting the cooks!

Just a small extra note – there was talk of having this as an annual event and Dartmoor would be a popular destination…….”

Thank you very much to everyone who sponsored me on this walk!

Clare Meiklejohn, Exeter PSC