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From the “Challenging Negative Borders” tour by Palestinian women in Exeter, March 2008.

Written by Helen

Sharifa from Hebron. Exeter's twinning city, told the audience of the trauma of life in Hebron which is now dominated by 400 illegal settlers and the 4000 Israeli soldiers drafted in to protect them. The old city, once vibrant, is now like a ghost town. These are some of the most extreme, hard-core settlers who stone children on their way to school. She urged people to visit Hebron and see the reality on the ground.

Rana explained about her difficulties in trying to get a genetic test during her current pregnancy. A catalogue of deliberate administrative delays and harassment. When she finally got all the paperwork to go to the specialist hospital, the consultant chided her for not coming earlier.

 Around 50 people came to hear the women talk. They joined the women in wrtiting messages of hope on a replica "WALL". This wall was then symbolically torn down by women as part of the International Women's day celebration at the Phoenix the following day.

Earlier in the day the women had a very busy schedule. They talked at local Devon schools from primary to sixth form and at the university and the mosque.

The women had requested a visit to the sea which is very symbolic to them. Some of them hadn't seen the sea for 20 years  although some don't live far from the sea. Dawlish Warren was therefore a welcome sight to them all, despite a cold wind.

Thanks to HETA and especially to Lizi for taking this on board. more info on tour at http://www.twinningwithpalestine.net/womenandpalestine.html


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